During the campaign „Bicolored Apples from Europe” creative solutions were adopted to the specific features of the target markets. It was desirable to communicate in the local language, and in business relations a bilingual version was accepted: in the local language and in English. Communication strategy allowed to work out three creative concepts – different for each year of duration of the campaign.

jablka cont creat

I year: Discover bicolored apples from Europe



Apples cultivated in Europe are relatively new on both markets. The target group did not know much about them yet, therefore it was the most important moment of the entire campaign – self-presentation, presenting ourself from the best side. „DISCOVER BICOLORED APPLES FROM EUROPE” – this slogan accompanied promotional materials in the media foreseen for the communication with the target groups (trade, opinion leaders and the consumers themselves). On the basis of KV, stands for the fairs, the accompanying promotional campaigns, and large format and internet advertisements were designed.

 jablka cont creat2

II year: Choose bicolored apples from Europe


Intrigued recipients were surely willing to deepen their knowledge of such complex and multi-dimensional offer. The slogan „CHOOSE THE BICOLORED APPLES FROM EUROPE” was well illustrated by a graphic concept presenting 9 apple varieties against the background of a photograph with smaller apples. Such artistic solution allowed to focus the recipient's attention on the offer rich variety.


III year: Enjoy bicolored apples from Europe