Launch campaign: “The first bank in the world of micro-business”

The purpose of this campaign was to build the awareness of FM Bank brand, support sales and strengthen the bank’s image as the first bank in the world of micro-companies. Legend Group agency prepared the communication strategy, created the bank’s claim: „The first bank in the world of micro-companies” and the logo: „We show the best solutions for your Company”. We also created a relevant Key Visual of the campaign based on the road-sign. The photo shoot with models impersonating bank staff was also implemented by Legend Group. An integrated marketing campaign was implemented in a real and virtual space. We took care of advertisements in buses, media on filling stations, image lifting at bank buildings and BTL and POS materials supporting the campaign. We produced a radio spot and we arranged PR activities. However, we put the main emphasis on the internet. We created the first responsive website service in the Polish bank sector in Responsive Web Design technique (2012) and we filled it in with the content – SEO web writing. We enriched our network activities with display and performance campaigns, e-mailing and social media activities.