Bicolored Apples from Europe

We participate in the implementation of a 3-year promotional program co-financed by funds from EU, ARR and UO: „Bicolored Apples from Europe” (2014-2017) on the markets of China and United Arab Emirates. According to the strategy using integrated marketing, the advertisement agency Legend Group is conducting the following activities: market analysis, target groups analysis, communication strategy, creative concept, advertisement campaign, promotional materials; we are responsible for PR, B2B, B2G, B2C activities, in which we cooperate with local experts, journalists, opinion leaders; we designed and executed stands for food fairs; press and Internet advertisements, and OOH. The Responsive Website Design (RWD) site for the program European Bicolored Apples – was designed and executed by the Legend Group agency, and the social media accounts of the campaign are kept by local experts.