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International program titled „Bicolored Apples from Europe” is a multi-channel campaign combining information and promotional activities as well as commercial activities. The goal of the activities was to start and maintain direct contacts with the managers and traders (B2B activities) and to participate in such events as: international fairs and exhibitions, economic missions, conferences and branch meetings. The campaign is addressed to three target groups – the main group are managers, traders, representatives of distribution companies and trade networks; the intermediate group are the consumers; the support group is the administration (B2G activities – Business to Government), opinion leaders and creators, media.


Sweet-and-sour taste and European standards


Marketing activities (advertising, PR) planned as a part of the program are aimed at promoting of European bicolored apples and creation of a positive image on the target markets (China, UAE). The message focuses first of all on emphasizing the uniqueness of the European bicolored apples: their sweet-and-sour taste, the multitude of varieties and high European quality standards. This strategic communication assumption was translated into slogans and key visuals.


The program is divided into 3 years


Due to the activities planned for the first year, program awareness was built, and the target groups were acquainted with the product, its values and high quality. We reached opinion leaders, media and administration through B2B, B2G activities, internet advertisements and OOH, PR activities and Social Media.


In the second year, in accordance with the accepted communication strategy, activities were implemented which strengthened the hitherto awareness and knowledge of the European apples. As a result of that, a wide offer of the European fruit growers could be presented: a multitude of varieties, modern methods of their storage, and a long term cultivation tradition.