E-Marketing & Content Marketing


We use the most of the potential offered by Internet. We are a marketing agency with a modern approach and we develop intensively towards new channels of advertisement. We have developed strongly the area of e-marketing activities. We offer solutions which correspond most fully to the goals defined by our Customers. We apply activities of banner advertisement, mailing, sponsored links campaigns, website positioning and optimization, blogging, social media. Our solutions aim to build company awareness and its particular products awareness.

Content Marketing

Building of the company image more and more often takes place in the Internet. We can help to create valuable content based on valid, proper and coherent information about the Customer's service or product. We also would like to mobilize users to become interested in a specific site and come into interaction with the brand through website, blog, Facebook profile, Twitter profile or YouTube. We develop the strategy of activities in social media, we take care of sponsored entries and purchase of relevant solutions so as to achieve the best results of the campaign. In specific cases it is our goal to increase online sales. We are continuously developing according to the principle that a creative advertisement agency never rests on its laurels.