PR / Media / Placement / Event

PR / Media

We ensure good PR (Public Relations) because communication is important for us. We listen to our Customers and Customers of our Customers. We observe carefully the target group. We learn the needs of Recipients. We work on creation of a good climate for making relations. In our marketing agency we aim to build a positive brand image and identity. We create and implement long-term PR strategies. We help with starting and strengthening of sponsorship relations and effective activities in the area of e-PR.

We are responsible for media relations – both all-Polish and local media. As a part of the campaign we can cooperate with journalists, non-governmental organizations and opinion leaders. We deal with organization of conferences and press meetings, during which we distribute advertisement materials designed by us. Depending on the event, we choose the location and we invite the guests. We take care of catering and the well-being of the attending journalists. Overall PR servicing of the campaign also assumes keeping the campaign office and regular sending of press communications to selected editors.

We provide support in crisis situations management. We are oriented toward achieving our Customers' image goals (CSR activities), marketing or sales goals. Steps taken by us allow to increase brand awareness, to create a group of loyal brand „defenders” or to find a potential market space.


We will make things happen! As a full-service marketing agencywe make use of ambient solutions. We use unconventional promotion channels or we use traditional media in untypical way. While preparing the event, we give our Customers an opportunity to make the best of it for promotional purposes. We work on creation of the event which not only will be a great event but also will favorably contribute to brand building. It is a good opportunity, among others, to learn directly the expectations of the target group, to start relations, to influence a specific milieu in specific way.

We organize events of all types, scale and run. We arrange corporate events, conferences and seminars, promotional campaigns. Event planning and organization starts from the meeting with the Customer during which the first decisions are made relating the date of the event, its character, or the number of guests. We always propose ambitious and non-standard solutions, so that our every event finds a long remembered by the guests.

Placement / Promotions

BTL advertisement willingly uses promotional actions which are an essential support for sales. Sales promotion and consumer promotion activities make use of many material stimuli allowing to encourage consumers to make use of the sales offer. Consumer sales promotions include a lot of short-term promotion techniques which are aimed at encouraging the Customer to respond in a specific desirable manner. Most frequently promotion aimed at increasing product sales value, price promotion or more for one price promotions are used. Price reductions, coupons, purchase bonus or free samples increase product attractiveness.

We make use of the available BTL promotion solutions. We organize lotteries, contests, tasting, events and games of chance. We prepare sampling, trade campaigns, website positioning and optimization, banner campaigns, e-mail marketing. We apply online and mobile promotions. We notice the possible channels of activity and forms of new ways to reach individual customer. We prepare not only short-term promotional campaigns in the classic meaning. We also prepare long-term strategic projects. We make use of the experience of global BTL advertising and willingly use promotion mix. We make use of the available solutions adjusting them to the needs of our Customers and to their target group profile. The concepts are adopted to the character of the company's activity.

We make effort to ensure attractiveness of our solutions. We would like to create promotion that will draw the attention of the recipients and will encourage them to act. We make use of traditional and very modern transmission channels. We notice the growing significance of Internet and increase of mobility of the advertisement messages recipients. Therefore we understand the need to write about the promotion in the Internet. At the same time, we conduct a simultaneous campaign offline. We want to make the BTL advertisement promotions a support for ATL activities.

Consumer Programs

At present they belong to the activities willingly used in order to reach the Customer. Because loyalty programs constitute long-term marketing activities aimed at building and maintenance of durable relations with the consumers. At the same time, they allow to increase turnovers and profits. They engage customer in shopping. Every amount spent is rewarded in a specific way and finally leads to specific profits consisting of a material or pecuniary reward. Loyalty program is a form of BTL advertisement which can strengthen or precede sales.

We prepare consumer programs making use of our rich experience in marketing. We take into account consumer studies which allow us to learn consumer behaviors. Studies give us the opportunity to collect and analyze data in the area of prices, distribution, promotion, results of company's activities. Data provided in this way allow us to respond to the program goal defined by the Customer. On the basis of analyses and expertise we can choose relevant method. Depending on our Customers' expectations and needs of their Customers we develop loyalty programs according to POLP, PRMLY, PARP models. In the case of Price-Oriented Loyalty Programs, as a rule, you collect points which later can be exchanged for awards. Another model, Person Relationship Maintenance Loyalty Programs, for example consumer clubs, allows to build long-term positive relations with the company. The last model, i.e. Price And Person Relationship, combines both of them – e.g. collecting of points together with various contests.

When creating consumer programs. We make use both of proven techniques and novelty methods of operation. Such BTL advertisement requires rich experience and many finished works. Because it is a long-term strategy which affects company's budget and image significantly. We have the competences to construct the program effectively based on consumer research and carefully selected form of communication. We also help with the implementation of consumer programs in order to guarantee their proper operation.