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Social Media

More and more people use social media. We want to make use of this potential and therefore we suggest to our Customers entering the world of social media. We arrange effective campaigns in social media in such services as: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. We adjust appropriate tools to the special features and character of the company. We will recommend website promotion, promotion of posts, photos or video materials. We will conduct an overall advertisement campaign step by step, making use e.g. of applications and strongly engaging fans. The purpose of social media activities is to increase the outreach of the company, brand or product, and what follows – a consciousimage building in those channels where a growing number of Poles actively spend their time there.


Depending on the communication strategy prepared and developed for each Customer we can cooperate with the most popular male and female bloggers and YouTubers. We plan and assess each campaign individually. We invite to cooperate both well-known and appreciated bloggers and also interesting persons who will soon start to set the trends in Internet (the so-called trendsetters). Among the proposed activities making use of product placement there can be: a YouTube film, Facebook post, however, a blog note continues to be the most popular form. Blog authors willingly share their virtual space offering banner campaigns.

Advertisement activities in blogosphere, however, exceed activities in Internet alone. Blogger can give honor by attending a corporate event and even create author's project together with the company. He/she can become its ambassador and defender. For many people blogging has become a true passion to which they give all their hearts and creating high quality content, working out the reach and views, and still remaining credible in the viewers' eyes. And this is how we are as an advertisement agency for our Customers.


We believe that everyone can enter the digital world – it is sufficient to call us, because we have the key consisting of digital know-how. We create easily unique project set in the Internet space. We listen with attention to our Customer's observations and remarks at every stage – trusting that only such cooperation based on partnership relations will bring measurable benefits to both parties. We know how to adopt communication solutions to a specific target group. Digital campaigns organized by us achieve the intended results.

We are learning all the time because it is our assumption that if you do not increase your digital knowledge, you stay behind the others. We make use of such solutions as sponsored links, Google AdWords campaigns, mailing and newsletters. We can create effective mobile applications, we can design and produce internet banners. We can design responsive websites, which can be properly opened on every device – whether a large PC, a handy laptop, pocket tablet or modern smartphone.