Market Analysis & Multichannel Strategy

Market Analysis

Our actions are comprehensive. And it is not just a slogan. As a full-service marketing agency we are ready for every challenge. Integrated marketing strategy is our asset. We provide effective solutions for multi-channel campaigns. In order to learn the subject of activities well, in the beginning we carry out detailed market research and analyses. We realize how important it is to learn Customer's environment, to identify the features of the brand or product. We are characterized by acuteness and care for details at every stage of the campaign. At the Customer's request we make analyses of the target group and of competition taking into account geographical divisions. We also conduct quantitative and qualitative examinations. All this causes that we can adopt individual strategic and creative solutions to a specific campaign.

Multichannel Strategy

We lead our Customers through the world of advertisement from the product birth through its promotion in all possible places and channels. We cooperate with specialists in various fields, forming creative project teams. This provides a broad insight to us. We look at the world from every possible perspective and from every possible angle… most frequently of 360 degrees. We integrate activities for the best results. We specialize in designing effective communication strategies. We exert our minds working on creative concepts. We are distinguished by elaboration of campaigns financed from the EU funds and international campaigns under international network of advertising, marketing and PR agencies Worldwide Partners. We ensure easy access to international markets.

We know that typical ATL advertisement is not sufficient in today's world. We make use of innovative advertisement solutions in traditional mass media. We develop techniques of activity and strategies adopted to conventional media. We choose ATL activities in various configurations, taking into account Customer's needs and the goals of the advertisement. The main assumption in this segment is creation of an attractive image of the product, service, brand, company. For this purpose we make use of various channels of promotion and we adopt the message with care to the concrete medium and branch. We reach a wide group of recipients.

BTL advertisement takes an important place in the agency's portfolio. In order to increase the touch points with the recipients of our campaigns and activities (Touch Points) we combine artfully traditional solutions with the modern channels of reaching the consumers. For BTL activities we use less conventional means and media than in the case of ATL. The blurred line between these spheres of advertisement makes us search for new forms and ways to reach the recipients. We make use of a wide range of direct communication ways. We reach retailers and consumers due to large attention focused on their needs and habits. We observe a strong migration of consumers to electronic media. We tune our activities and tools to the current needs.