B2B / B2G / B2C / Trade Fairs / Missions

B2B / B2G

We conduct Business to Business and Business to Government activities by various channels. We bear in mind the difference of the relations in this segment which can take place between the company and other companies, suppliers, distributors, business partners – and as e.g. in China, with the representatives of state administration. We introduce solutions through preparation of relevant marketing activities, searching new markets – vertical and horizontal. We make the manner of reaching on the current business goals and role. We choose the channels according to the following rule: the more precise choice, the better the results.


We enter Business to Consumer segment with a deliberate operation strategy. We observe the features of the relations between the company and the final customer. We are oriented to Customer involvement in the company's activities and history and the current events. We take steps towards achievement of factual benefits consisting of product or service purchase by Customer. We makes of the privilege which in this model is the initiation of events by the company. We reach out willingly to interactive solutions, mobile solutions, ensuring exceptional communication. We make use of the already available technologies and electronic solutions which we adopt to the needs of the company and consumers' expectations. As an experienced marketing agency we elaborate methods which support the segment of relations between Customers and companies.

Trade Fairs

We support our Customers in the proper preparation for domestic and international fairs. Such events are a splendid opportunity to talk directly with the existing and the prospective business partners and contractors. They allow to collect the opinions and to study the market. They enable building of the positive corporate image. Networking or off stage conversations help to find new partners. We prepare for the presentation at important domestic and international events of the branch. We help to set the budget, to choose the persons and to train them, to attend the fairs and also to organize transport and accommodation for the team representing the company during the event. We advise which fairs it is worthy to attend. We design and implement stands taking into account the optimum arrangement and attractive looks. We are responsible for such stages as: design, production and servicing of fair stands. We also prepare information materials and gadgets.

Trade Missions

We are distinguished by the comprehensive servicing of economic missions. We prepare unique solutions for business development. We prepare economic missions which allow to gain new contractors. We create a coherent business plan taking into account a trip of a larger group of employees with regard to business meetings. We offer overall solutions – from the elaboration of the business partner profile through creation of a dedicated database, preparation of the offer in a foreign language and sending it to the potential contractors, to appointing the meeting and mission trip. We elaborate individual and organized missions, adopted to the specific needs of the company. The professional approach of our marketing agency allows to achieve benefits consisting of gaining new markets, promotion of the brand in a different region or country, favorable presentation of the Polish economy.