Web Design / SEM / SEO

Web Design

We are aware of the significance of a corporate business card in Internet. Websites should be designed with regard to top trends with the use of UX (User Experience) and should refer to the existing Customer's visual identification. Being a creative full-service agency we will help you to go through every stage of works (the concept, creation, landing page, content for search engine optimization) and make the corporate website the cause for pride among company employees. We will also take care of hosting, i.e. we will offer placing of webpage on a dedicated server. One of the websites that we boast of is www.apples-europe.com – implemented in 2014 and supporting a 3-year promotional program „Bicolored Apples from Europe” for the markets of UAE and China.


Without effective support, corporate website will be far in Google search results. In order to avoid it, it is worth to care for SEO and SEM activities, which are offered by our interactive agency. SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization – it is set of activities and procedures the task of which is to promote the website possibly on the highest position in search engines. These are: content publication, key words analysis and links creation. SEO activities are included in SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which more generally means overall promotional activities – free and chargeable, including among others sponsored links campaigns, website positioning and optimization. In SEM much pressure is laid on selected key words/phrases which are used by Internet users to search the content they are interested in. Using the above mentioned activities we will help you to build up corporate image in Internet.