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While developing creative concepts, we always try to make the best of the possibilities offered by Internet. Thanks to that medium the advertisement message can focus and reach exclusively a specified target group. We help to understand the virtual world and the rules of Internet advertising. Among others, we design pop-up windows, banners and buttons. We create attractive content, that is, content for websites and implement e-marketing tools. As an advertisement agency with over 20 years of experience and employing genuine specialists in digital we are truly good in this area. We believe that a properly prepared and adequately conducted Internet campaign can promote a company, brand or product.


We have the experience in film services, so much desired in this branch. Our advantage is the implementation of a few hundred commercials on the Polish market. We know how to use this know-how which we have worked out, on the developing video format (websites, YouTube). We have our own production house with modern assembly studio. This gives us huge possibilities in the implementation of TV and movie commercials. We skillfully use the promotional values provided by this ATL advertisement area. We ensure production and legal care, including copyrights.

We undertake overall activities supporting our Customers from the stage of design, developing communication and creative concepts, creating the scenarios, storyboards, 2D and 3D animatics, through implementation on plain air, studio or existing sets, to post-production activities, and as one of the few Polish agencies – delivery of screening files directly to TV stations. We cooperate with the best Polish and foreign screenwriters and directors. In order to prepare original unique commercials we make use of services of recognized film directors and operators. In our unique projects we cooperated with such creators as Wojciech Smarzowski and Piotr Trzaskalski.


Mobile devices, including mainly telephones and smartphones, recently have revolutionized our thinking about Internet use. Cordless network, which has become at present generally available and easily accessible, resulted in the development of mobile advertisement. We are sure that modern advertising requires modern approach. Therefore, we cooperate continuously with persons whose task is to design and create mobile and Internet applications for companies. We ensure services in the area of the concept, strategy, implementation and promotion.

As smartphone users we realize perfectly well how important is website responsiveness. This term means the website adjustment to the device screen size. It is our task to design websites in such a way that they would fully meet Customers' expectations. Efficient Internet navigation means more satisfaction on the side of the recipient and more willingness to search the Internet resources of a company, brand or product.


Television is a very popular medium in reaching a mass recipient. It acts strongly on the ability to shape the consumers' needs and demand. It forms the criteria of selection and influences decision making. It disseminates the exemplary behaviors. The use of sound, word and image carries a huge potential of drawing the attention of the recipients. Skillful setting of specific components allows to increase the impact on the recipients' emotions. With the use of TV and movie commercials there is a guarantee of a wide reach with the simultaneous low unit costs of reaching the consumer. We have the required experience in constructing this form of ATL advertisement.

We prepare diligently to activity. We participate in quantitative and qualitative examinations on the focus groups before starting production taking into account the group representativity. We monitor carefully consumers’ response to promoted products and services. We analyze the results and draw the conclusions. We use our knowledge in a constructive manner in designing of ATL advertisement, in particular, TV and movie commercials. Before the production we prepare screenplays, we carry out castings in Poland and abroad, we search for locations, elaborate costumes, compose or choose music, voice over, the effects. At the production stage we make use of all techniques, including CGI, 3D and 2D animations. We carry out all works very efficiently, however, the quality of the finished product is of the utmost importance for us.

TV or movie spots as ATL advertising with special features, can be implemented not longer than within a few weeks from the order acceptance. As a part of the post-production activity we ensure the assembly, colour correction, special effects, composing, sound and preparation and deliver of final screening files. Thanks to the cooperation with the best media houses we can guarantee the best broadcasting dates. As professionals we can close all works by pre-broadcasting examination in order to verify recipients’ reactions.


We make use of many years of our own experience and the experience of the entire branch. We use the knowledge of specialists in various fields. We cooperate with the best audio studios in Warsaw. For our projects we engage professional voice-over providers, actors and ad composers. We create the scenario adopted to this form of perception. We focus on the text layer, on the selection of the adequate voice, on the melody that will be remembered. We elaborate professional advertisement spots broadcasted in various radio stations. We make use of catchy jingles, frequently created for the needs of a concrete radio campaign. We prepare sponsored conversations in cooperation with the representatives of the promoted brand or with the authority figures in the area of the Customer's operations. We elaborate the strategies of contests for the listeners where the awards are financed by the Customer. As one of the few agencies we deliver emission files directly to radio stations. Thanks to the cooperation with the best media houses we can ensure the best dates and times of emission.

Radio message sometimes is unjustly omitted in ATL activities. We notice a wide spectrum of its advantages and use it willingly. The rich scope of interests of our team and observation of the socio-dynamics cause that we know perfectly well how to use this medium. We are able to use the knowledge and unit experience for the creation of a valuable message which draws the attention of a wider range of recipients. We make use of the message carrying capacity based on audio perception and the fondness of non-complicated sounds. Radio spot, apart from all other advantages, is one of the cheapest forms of ATL advertisement.


Our marketing agency has designed and implemented ATL advertisement orders for over twenty years, including also press advertisements. We have our own studio for preparing DTP print. We cooperate with experienced graphic designers, designers, ad photographers, as well as with marketers and copywriters. We prepare original advertisement slogans. We deal with elaboration of the graphic side of this form of ATL advertisement. We try to create the graphics and the slogans, which draw the attention and remain long in one's memory. We adopt projects to company profile and the Customer's expectations. We adopt the message to publication type. We prepare press advertisements with local, national and also international reach.

We create press advertisements bearing in mind message effectiveness. Our attention is drawn to consumer and readership studies, which provide information about the lifestyle, hobbies, social status of readers of a specific press title and about their consumer behaviors. We monitor new press titles appearing on the market and we pay attention to the character of the titles already present. We remain up-to-date. This helps us to adopt the message perfectly to the magazine. In this form of ATL advertisement we willingly make use of a whole spectrum of the available means of promotion – from the traditional module form to adhesive inserts, bookmarks, banderoles and many other creative solutions.


The growing consumers' resistance threshold to advertisement makes us use non-standard solutions. BTL activities make use of ambient media, trying to draw the attention of the prospective recipients. They are based on unconventional solutions or make use of traditional forms of transmission in a non-standard manner. They make use of the surprise effect. They engage the attention of recipients. They wake the curiosity through non-obvious message. Ambient media very frequently make use of the context space and are based on the interaction with the environment and the advertisement medium.

Unlimited creativity of our team allows us to use ambient media in BTL advertising. We choose carefully the form and the medium bearing in mind the goals of our Customers, the profile of activity of their enterprise, and other models of campaigns that are already in progress. We make use of non-obvious transmission channels. We take our inspiration from the spectacular ambient campaigns with global extent. We make use of own rich experience and the experience of marketing agencies from the Worldwide Partners network. We cooperate with experts in many different branches. BTL advertisement, when using ambient media, gains exceptional support with a huge strength of impact.

While creating ambient campaigns, we would like to evoke emotions. We create strong messages. The specifics of such activities in BTL advertisement is very important. It allows to reach the recipient directly and cause the message be long remembered. We develop solutions which support traditional media. We make the creations which on side are a continuation of traditional media, and on the other – provide an opportunity to meet the recipient. We prepare courageous projects which distinguish the message on the background of other campaigns.

Advertising Materials

Advertising materials are an inseparable element of promotion and an effective support for sales. Properly selected, they allow to build a positive image of the company and to provide most important information relating the profile of activities and the offer of the brand, product advantages and parameters and the advantages of a specific service, in an accessible manner. They are used as a form of encouragement to know the company better, and also to make the purchase. They constitute a more durable form of transmission of promotional and information message. They do not include all content in a single transmission at a predefined time and transmission frequency. They are a constant element. They make it possible for the recipient to reach out for information many times.

We care for readable project. While elaborating advertisement materials we insert them in the existing visual identification schedule or we create it from the bottom for our Customers. We take care that the solutions prepared by us in the area of this form of BTL advertisement should be characterized by a consistent aesthetic concept. We pay attention to graphic composition and selected set of colors. We take care of the message transparency. We do not overload the materials with graphic elements or content. We only insert the essence of the message adopted to the Customer's expectations and to the needs of his recipients. We make use of consumer studies valuable for BTL advertising. We ensure selection of the communication instruments.


We elaborate promotional materials in the form of conventional media from POS family and creating non-standard solutions. As a part of this form of BTL advertisement, among others, we elaborate business cards, leaflets, small size posters, brochures, stickers, stands, displays, expositors, advertisement journals. We prepare complete solutions for the sales space, creating a complete checkout at the cash desk, gondola end, tray or pusher.

We elaborate information materials about the company. We create unconventional promotional gadgets. While preparing BTL advertisement solutions, we cooperate with the best graphic designers, designers, copywriters. We make use of modern printing solutions. We care for the original character of the creation. We select carefully the technology depending on the medium type. At the same time, we adopt BTL advertisement materials to ATL activities. We believe that such consistency ensures a fuller reception of the information and promotional message.

Outdoor & Indoor

We create strong messages for public spaces. We make use of conventional and unconventional solutions of outdoor and indoor advertisement. We are able to make use of the mass character and the wide range of this form of ATL advertisement to the advantage of our Customers. Outdoor and indoor advertisements are visible for everyone moving inside the city space, by foot, by tram, by bus, or by car. It is a frequent contact with the recipient, difficult to avoid. The message repeated in various areas of the city determines the frequency of message for a wide range of recipients. It is characterized by a constant transmission intensity – as a rule 24h a day for a long period of time.

We understand very well the specific requirements of outdoor and indoor advertising. We make use of the minimalist form of ATL advertisement in a skillful way and we ensure a message that is perfectly adopted to advertisement and to the Customer's expectations and preferences. We prepare large format media.We make use of Digital Signage systems and info screens. We also elaborate non-standard solutions in means of public transport, on ATMs, skyscrapers, cars, and beach changing rooms, on displays in shopping centers. We ensure the best plain air locations and places on existing objects.

Outdoor and indoor advertisement constitute a fast developing type of ATL advertisement. When creating this type of messages we try to compose them in the environment in an interesting way, frequently using its characteristic elements. We want to have a simple and expressive message. We cooperate in this area with professionals, among others graphic designers, brand designers and specialists in specific areas covered by the Customer's operations.


ATL advertisement makes use of large format poster commonly called billboard. It is included in ATL activities just due to the wide range of recipients and its mass character. We use skillfully the limited area, bearing in mind the needs of our Customers and the advertisement goals of the message. Our designs surprise, intrigue, and surely draw one's attention due to the place of installation. However, the choice of location is not an accident. We choose carefully the points where our billboards are placed.

We create billboards meeting our Customer's expectations and the places of display. We prepare standard solutions dedicated for installation on billboards. We also create metroboard, blow-up, or advertisement posts solutions. We also elaborate citylight projects. We use the knowledge of experts in the areas of activities of our Customers. We cooperate with the best graphic designers, designers, photographers. We make use of the most modern trends in branding and marketing. We care for creating of a billboard that will be long remembered. We focus on one leading topic which draws the attention. We do not overload the message with the content, and we use the visual potential to the maximum. We adopt the message character and tone to the brand, product, or service. We make use of elements acceptable to the target group.