Brand Identity & Packaging Design

Brand Identity & Packaging Design

We build brand identity. We work on brand distinction and on creation of its positive image in the awareness. We create consciously a set of specific individual features. We give them the features of uniqueness so that they would be remembered by recipients. We can elaborate and implement visual identification system, based on expressive examples and clearly defined rules. We can design logo/logotype, we will choose the typography and colors – all that a professional sign book should consist of.

Designing of packages is also an important part of our experience as an advertisement agency. We aspire to create projects which will allow to distinguish brand immediately. The Customer who comes to our marketing agency can expect the fulfillment of nearly all his wishes. In our activities we care for preserving of the effects with the corporate profile and character and its style. We care for originality, simplicity of perception, positive associations. Effective company image creation has been our daily bread already since 1992.


Building a brand image

A play of associations. A collection of opinions. A catalogues of views. In the most simple and clearest meaning in this was corporate image is presented. It is not a material form, but an image of the enterprise present in the recipients' minds. It reflects in their awareness what constitutes enterprise identity. It consists of an overall impressions and feelings and also expectations and needs generated by the company. This concerns product, services, service quality, communication with the customer, values treasured by the company. Corporate image in the mind of every recipient can be created in an entirely different way and based on entirely different foundations. Building of corporate image in a controlled manner allows to create the desired image to which the enterprise is aspiring within a specific time and in a specific way.


Strong competition on the market determines activity oriented to be distinguished in a multitude. Building of corporate image allows to create an unique identity overpassing the narrow understanding of visual identification. Creating of a proper image in the minds of recipients is one of the major marketing goals. Human mind is oriented to issuing of opinions which allows to create simple mental shortcuts allowing moving around in the reality which touches a large number of external stimuli. Therefore, in the Customer's mind nearly simultaneously to the provision of the service or product, the image of the company providing these goods in its offer appears.


A concrete corporate image evokes concrete associations or reactions. It also shows that building of the corporate image allows at the same time to define the target group of Customers. The company knows to whom it addresses its message and who can be tempted to make use of its offer. It provides the possibility to increase the effectiveness of the advertisement strategy because defining of the target allows to choose proper media and advertisement form.


Positive corporate image allows to gain market competitive edge. Customers are more willing to choose brands with a strong and coherent image. They also enjoy more interest among persons who are looking for a job. People choose more willingly brands that have positive associations for the place of their future work. Positive image also allows to start new business relations and to gain new investors. Creating of such image is largely based on mutual trust. By losing it the brand also loses positive image which is hard to reconstruct. It is not impossible, however, it needs complete restructure of strategy and change of the way of acting. Therefore, skillful building of the corporate image is so important.


The process of image building

Image creation is long-term process ensuring visible effects after some time. At the initial stage of creating a specific corporate image it is necessary to learn the current corporate image. For this purpose information appearing in media and in the Internet and the circulated opinions on the company should be collected. The opinions of Customers and company employees are helpful in learning corporate image. It is also worth to review the opinions on competition and learn the image of the entire branch and to check the presentation of own company's image against this background.


At the foundations of the corporate image building process is a relevant strategy defining goals set by the company for a specific period of time. They are the milestones to which the company aspires and they allows to create the ideal image consistent with the mission and brand image. Definition of the goals should reflect corporate philosophy, present the ways of its operations. When setting the goals it is necessary to take into account the needs and the possibilities of the environment and of the Customers. When defining the goals one should take into account also the geographic range, type of the service or product.


Aware of the current corporate image and with the clearly defined goals one can start to plan the activities which will allow to come closer to creation of a desired corporate image. Among others, such activities include:


1) strengthening material elements of the image – within these elements we can name the logo (together with strictly defined rules of its use), letterhead paper, mail footer, corporate character type, etc. Graphics and precisely defined set of colors play an important role in this area. Material elements which support building of corporate image include not only corporate materials and gadgets but also the very corporate domicile, its surroundings, staff, etc.


2) relation activities – they allow to build and maintain relations with the Customers, investors, business partners. Many companies make the error by engaging actively only into gaining new Customers and neglecting those who have used their offer for some time now. Activities on this field should be very intensive and it should be shown on the outside that regular Customers are important. Satisfaction studies can be helpful which will make it possible to react to market changes and the recipients' needs. Among proven relation activities also specialist conferences and seminar there are also specialist conferences and seminars and the Customer care programs.


3) sale activities – they allow to strengthen sale of products and services. The most popular solutions in this area include marketing and sale campaigns aimed at promotion of a specific product or service. A frequently used tool in sale activities are online and offline trainings for the prospective Customers.


The last stage in corporate image building is strategy implementation through the use of selected tools and performance of specified activities. During the implementation it is important to control the undertaken steps. It is necessary to observe continuously the recipients' reactions. It gives an opportunity to react fast and possibly to modify further steps of the strategy so that the creation is consistent with the original assumptions and also meets the expectations of the recipients.


The solutions used in building images

While building the corporate image it is important to choose proper solutions which will allow to implement specific goals effectively. It is necessary to adopt the tools to the activity profile and to individual preferences. A large number of the possible ways of activity give the opportunity to choose the solutions properly and to use them effectively.


One of the essential elements in the corporate image building is Public Relations, which decide on the communication and public shaping of the relations between the company and Customers and the environment. The basic tasks of PR include care for the good reputation of the brand and stimulating of positive interest of the environment in the company's products and services. PR activities also allow to create a community by communication and to reach its effects. A supplementation to the external communication – based on information management, creation of the organization's reputation, building relations with the media and journalists, conscious communication with the target groups – is internal communication. It is oriented to company staff and the cooperating persons. The purpose is to achieve a high degree of identification with the company.


A support for the internal and external communication is visual identification, defining the principles of operation of the graphic elements of the company. These activities include not only logotype creation. Visual identification also defines the principles of its use and the co-existence of uniform elements constituting one coherent picture – thus, design of business cards, boards, shape of press advertisements, the infrastructure colors, etc.


An interesting solution which is willingly used in the creation of a positive corporate image are the activities based on sponsoring. They are based on associations which as a result are transferred to the corporate image. Logo, name, brand colors making use of sponsoring activities can accompany cultural and sport events. In this way, the company builds its image based on the positive associations with the values promoted by art, culture, and sport. The company makes use of the pleasure which the recipients has from the participation in an event. Because an association is created between the nice memories and a concrete patronage. Sponsoring is frequently used for being distinguished against the background of promotional activities of the competition and for improvement of the impaired company image. In a particularly difficult situation which strongly impairs the positive brand image it is necessary to apply the mechanisms of professional crisis management. Proper activities allow to rebuild the image.


A strong basis for the activities focused on the building of the company image are the processes related with the widely understood content marketing. Focus on the creation of high quality content and a thoughtful strategy of its publication affect favorably the shaping of the positive corporate image. Content marketing activities focus on the gaining of a constant group of aware Customers also through free of charge channels. Strong presence of the recipients in social media and in internet forums encourages to place high quality content also there.